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Among the most watched YouTube videos in Russia for the year were Pavel Volya’s stand-up about women and the film Dude about Beslan

And also - a review of BadComedian, Billy Eilish by Ivan Urgant and the new series of “Fixics”.

Russian YouTube spoke about the most watched videos in Russia for 2019. The first place was taken by a parody of the children’s series “Fixics” from Syuduk, was told on Google, which owns video hosting.

The documentary of Yuri Dude about the tragedy in Beslan and the visit of Billy Elish to the program “Evening Urgant” were in the top. Among other things, Pavel Volya’s standup about women appeared on the list: earlier his other video , about feminism and sex blogger Tatyana Nikonova, became a reason for widespread criticism of him.

On Twitter and in the comments on , they noticed that YouTube did not take into account some videos that, judging by the views, could be in the top. Among them – children’s content and some other videos of Dude. However, it is not known how many views in these cases came from Russia.

1. “The binders and the big secret”

2. Yuri Dud – the film “Beslan. 

3. Billy Ailish visiting “Evening Urgant”

4. Pavel Volya – “About Real Women”

5. “Fixies” – new series

6. Karibidis, Skorohod, Batrutdinov – “Unexpected Interchange” (Comedy Club)

7. Dumpling vs Hands of the Bazooka and the Satanist. 
Farmer vs Synthol man. 
Stone faces

8. Review of BadComedian on the film “T-34”

9. What happens if you spend 24 hours in drinks

The first two positions in the top 10 Russian music videos for the year were taken by Arthur Pirozhkov. Next are the clips of Artik & Asti, Yegor Creed, RASA, Tima Belorussky, Little Big (twice), Leningrad and Face.

Playlist with the most popular music videos of 2019 in Russia:

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