Uber has installed separate toilets for employees and drivers in the US office. And after the resonance he promised to remove

In social networks, this separation was called "excessive and inappropriate."

The plate on the left door is “contractors”, on the right door is “employees”

A Uber driver from the United States discovered separate toilets at the company’s headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island, for “contractors” (drivers) and “employees.” She announced this on her twitter.

Erika Betts spotted signs at Greenlight headquarters, where Uber hires new drivers and provides support. She told Vice that she considered the separation of toilets “redundant and inappropriate,” and called the support system “ridiculous at best.”

There are separate toilets at my Uber headquarters. 
Not male and female, but for “contractors” and “employees.” 
Does it seem strange to anyone that Uber regards contractors and employees as two separate classes of people?

A Uber spokesperson told the publication that the company regrets the mistake: “We acknowledge that the plates were inappropriate, and we promise to remove them.”

Since 2015, Uber drivers have been demanding that they be recognized as company employees in order to receive the same guarantees and compensations as full-time employees. In September 2019, California passed a law that equated drivers with employees, but the company plans to appeal against it.

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