Tim Belorusskih overtook Rammstein: the best albums and podcasts of 2019 according to Yandex.Music users

And the "Stories of Russian Sex" went around the famous "Disgusting Men" and KuJi.

Yandex.Music identified the best artists, albums, tracks and podcasts of 2019, based on the preferences of listeners of the service. This TJ reported in the company.

The most popular artists were Billy Eilish and Tim Belorussky. The singer’s album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go” became the most audible. Belarusian fell into the top with three tracks – “Forget-Me-Not”, “Vitaminka” and “Wet Crosses”. The most listened song was “Life” by Russian singer Zivert.

In winter, users more often listened to “In My Mind” by Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino, in spring – Zivert’s “Life”, in the summer – “bad guy” Billy Ailish, and in the fall – RSAC’s “NBA” track.

Most often in 2019, Alice was asked to include the tracks of Mikhail Krug, Yegor Creed, Viktor Tsoi, Vladimir Vysotsky and Stas Mikhailov, as well as Hands Up!, Rammstein, Gaza, Leningrad and Alisa.

The most listened to podcast turned out to be “Stories of Russian Sex” by journalist Yekaterina Krongauz, where Russians talk about how their sex looked in different circumstances and at different times. The second place went to “In previous episodes” of “Kinopoisk” about series, and the third – Yandex own podcast with stories “Listen, Alice!”.

The champion in listening to music was a user from Barnaul, who scored 5136 hours (214 days) in the service over the year. The podcast leader listened to 1036 episodes.

Best tracks

Top albums

1. Billie Eilish – “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”;

2. Tim Belorussky – “Your first disk is my tape”;

3. Artik & Asti – “7 (Part 1)”;

4. Zivert – “Shine”;

5. RSAC – “Arguments”;

6. Voiced – “The world of my illusions”;

7. KAZKA – “Karma”;

8. HammAli & Navai – “JANAVI”;

9. Rammstein – “RAMMSTEIN”;

10. Imagine Dragons – “Origins”.

Top Podcasts

1. “Stories of Russian sex”;

2. “In previous series”;

3. “Listen, Alice!”;

4. “Planetronics”;

5. “Guys, we had sex”;

6. KuJi Podcast;

7. “Disgusting men”;

8. “Brendyatina”;

9. “Games of the mind”;

10. “Exclusive”.

In Apple’s Podcasts, the first places among the best new podcasts were “It happened” by Ekaterina Krongauz and Andrei Babitskigo, where they discuss ethical issues, “Song of English” and “First Birth” of “Medusa” about raising children, was told in the company. Among all the podcasts, the leaders were musical.

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