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The car of the future or a sketch of a five-year-old child: how the Internet met the futuristic Cybertruck from Elon Musk

Jokes, photojacks and serious opinions about the Tesla pickup truck inspired by Blade Runner.

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On November 22, Elon Musk at the Tesla presentation introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup, the main feature of which was a futuristic design, very different from modern cars. Angular “rough” design, armored body – Musk did not deny that he was inspired by “Blade Runners” and James Bond films.

Tesla introduced the Cybertruck electric pickup. He looks very futuristic. 

An unusual pickup truck, the look of which seems to bring the world closer to the future from science fiction and cyberpunk of the past, was immediately discussed in social networks. Based on Cybertruck, a lot of jokes, photojacks and serious opinions have appeared.

Before the presentation, Elon Musk promised that the new car would be very different from what people saw before. And he was right: Tesla Cybertruck looks more like cars from science fiction films of the past than 2019 vehicles.

Elon, explain, plz

The journalists at the event were so surprised that they immediately suggested that it was some kind of prank from the founder of Tesla, and after some time the futuristic prototype would be removed, presenting a normal pickup.

But they were wrong, the Cybertruck is a real car. After the presentation, the guests were even given a ride on a working prototype.

Cybertrack immediately joked on Twitter. In addition to comparisons with Blade Runner, there were some references to Mad Max.

If one of them binds behind you on the road, then you will die 100%

Cybertrack launched at the lowest graphics settings

I just want to make it clear that Tesla announced today a triangle without wipers

Car design is my passion

The moment Musk came up with the Cybetruck design

Some users of social networks have backed up their comparisons with photo examples.

I will tell the children that this is Tesla Cybertruck

I will tell the children that this is a new Tesla

Turns out I already have Cybertruck

I don’t understand what is the buzz about Cybertruck. 
It looks fine

One of the frequent comparisons is that approximately so many painted cars in childhood.
Finally, my boy elon Musk made a car that I painted at five

Elon: “… IIIiiiii print”

Just found in children’s drawings Elon

4K render of the new Cybertruck

The funniest moment of the presentation occurred during a visual demonstration of the armor-piercing glass of a car. Tesla’s top manager threw a metal ball into a pickup truck twice and broke the glass twice. On Twitter, a “Directed by Robert B. Weide” screensaver was set up at the time.

After the announcement of Cybertruck, not even a few hours passed, and the design was already rethought. The greatest success in this was achieved by the popular concept artist BossLogic, who remade the pickup truck into Batmobile.

In Russia, they also discussed Cybertrack.

In addition to jokes, journalists and tech-bloggers shared serious opinions about the new product, which will be launched in 2021. In short: the design is very strange, the car is likely to sell poorly, but it’s cool that Musk does what he wants.

Cybertruck’s design is what happens when you mislead yourself with nostalgia and the belief that the future should look the way you hoped when you were younger

Musk himself, meanwhile, is joking on Twitter with the account of the game Cyberpunk 2077 from the creators of The Witcher. Wait for a pickup as a game vehicle?

We agreed, Elon

See you in 2077

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