Tesla received 146 thousand pre-orders for Cybertruck in two days – this is $ 14.6 million in revenue

Each reservation cost $ 100.

Cybertruck Photo by Kristen Korosek

Elon Musk said that Tesla received 146 thousand pre-orders of the Cybertruck electric pickup two days after the announcement of the car. According to the general director of the company, there was no need to buy advertising and “paid approval” for this.

To make a reservation, potential buyers had to invest $ 100 in advance. Thus, Tesla received $ 14.6 million in two days only from deposits.

It is still unknown how many people really will receive their cyber trucks, but you can refuse a pre-order at any time – in this case, $ 100 will be returned to the owner. The total cost of an electric pickup is from 39.9 thousand dollars to 69.9 thousand dollars , depending on the configuration.

As Musk noted, 41% of pre-ordered users chose the option with a three-engine configuration, 42% with a twin-engine and only 17% chose a single-engine model. Production of the top version will begin only at the end of 2022. She will be able to tow up to 14 thousand pounds of cargo and will travel more than 800 kilometers from a single charge.

Tesla introduced Cybertruck on November 22 at an event in its own design center in Hawthorne, America. In social networks, the car divided users into two camps: some liked the brutal design, while others recalled children’s drawings.

Some also doubted that Cybertruck will be able to launch the market in the form in which it was presented. According to users, in the current design, the car probably will not pass the regulatory requirements in the United States: it does not have wipers, side mirrors, all the necessary light signals, and the side edges are too sharp and can injure people in a collision.

Tesla Cybertruck From the Tesla Commercial

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