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Romanian company created a browser extension for showing likes on Instagram – this is a response to hiding ratings

Naturally, it only works with the web version.

Socialinsider has released the Chrome of The Return of the Likes extension . It shows the ratings that the social network has recently begun to hide. The extension was noticed in TechCrunch.

The extension adds the number of likes and comments next to each post. It works only with the web version of Instagram, but you can see the ratings for any publication – just open it via the link.

It’s not clear how the extension works, but a TechCrunch check showed that it does show hidden likes. Journalists turned to Instagram for a comment on whether this violates the service’s policy, but have not yet received an answer. Socialinsider claims that the extension does not collect data and does not store it on the company’s servers.

In April 2019, Instagram began to test the concealment of the number of likes on publications in Canada. A few months later, the experiment was expanded to other countries, including Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Two months after the start of hiding likes, Canadian service users said that they relaxed. According to them, they began to publish what they wanted and pay more attention to the quality of the content.

Publishing RedBull with a hidden number of likes, top right – the result of the SocialInsider extension TechCrunch screenshot

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