Mexican police pre-ordered 15 Cybertruck from Elon Musk following Dubai police

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Police in the Mexican city of San Luis Potosi pre-ordered 15 Cybertruck from Tesla. So she expects to reduce the cost of maintenance of the official fleet. This was reported by the publication El Imparcial, citing a statement by the mayor of the city, Adrian Esper Cardenas (Adrian Esper Cardenas).

According to the head of San Luis Potosi, the decision was an “act of common sense.” City officials believe that Cybertruck service will cost “much cheaper” compared to fuel police cars. As CNET noted , electric cars are considered easier to maintain due to fewer moving parts.

Cardenas said that Cybertruck is going to be used for tasks of various kinds. With their help, including will carry water pipes and move garbage containers.

The city pre-ordered 10 twin-engine electric pickups and five three-engine ones. It is not yet clear how many of them will be constantly serving in the police, and how many will perform different tasks in the city. Pre-orders cost the Mexican authorities $ 1,500 – one reservation costs $ 100, but orders can be canceled at any time.

Elon Musk introduced Cybertruck on November 22. The electric pickup is highly durable – it is equipped with armored glass, and the material for the machine’s body is the same alloy used in SpaceX rockets. The company claims that on a single charge Cybertruck can travel up to 805 kilometers, and the top version can accelerate to 96.6 km / h in 2.9 seconds.

The futuristic design of the car became a cause for controversy in social networks, and some users doubted that the project would be released in the same form in which it was presented. Despite this, two days after the presentation, the number of pre-orders for Cybertruck exceeded 146 thousand, and after four days – 250 thousand pieces. Tesla received $ 25 million in deposits.

On November 28, Dubai police announced it would purchase Cybertruck to patrol the country’s tourist areas. The electric pickup truck will enter the country’s famous service park along with supercars like the Bugatti and Lamborghini.

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