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Instagram introduced an age limit of 13+ – the service will start asking users for the birthday

The social network has not asked for age since its inception, so it did not formally violate US laws.

Instagram introduced a 13+ age limit. Now the social network will ask for age and refuse minors under 13 years old. This was reported to TJ by service representatives.

The date of birth will be asked at registration, its indication will become mandatory. Users who indicate an age of less than 13 years will not be able to use Instagram.

Moreover, if the account in the service is connected with Facebook, then the date of birth will be transferred from there. Changing the date of birth on Facebook will also change the date of birth on Instagram. Innovations entered into force on December 4.

As representatives of Instagram noted, he historically did not ask for age, because “he wanted the service to remain a place where everyone can express themselves.” The company explained that the social network will not show age to other users.

Instagram has become one of the last major social networks, which began to ask the age of users and introduced a restriction of 13+. For example, on Facebook it was necessary to indicate the date of birth from the first days of the social network.

The 13+ restriction is dictated by the Child Online Privacy Protection Act, COPRA. It prohibits online services from collecting information about children under 13 without parental consent.

However, Instagram for a long time was able to formally not break the law, since the service did not ask for age and did not require it to be indicated – which means that it could say that it “does not know” how old the users are. At the same time, a restriction of 13 years was fixed in the rules of the service community, and advertising could be configured for users only from 13 years old.

In addition, since 2018, both on Facebook and on Instagram, moderators may have blocked the account due to suspicions that the user is less than 13 years old. To unlock, you had to download identity cards.

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