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Facebook introduced the “Guide to the Theater World of Russia”, created in collaboration with groups about the theater

Russia became the first country in the world where the company launched a similar project.

Facebook as part of the Theater Going Digital campaign introduced the “Guide to the Theater World of Russia.” It consists of seven parts and, as conceived by the authors of the idea, it must demonstrate to the user how diverse the art of theater can be offline and online, as well as how quickly new technologies and ideas penetrate the stage.

Five large theater groups on Facebook became “guides” in the theatrical world of Russia: “ Theater People ”, “ Synchronization ”, La Personne , “ Theater Magazine ” and “ Transformer ”. Their representatives shared recommendations on their favorite theaters, productions, festivals, and pilot projects.

In addition to the recommendations and reviews of individual productions, the guide can read news from the theatrical world, as well as learn about the large and small online activities of the theaters: for example, about the appearance of Stanislavsky masks on Instagram based on makeup and costumes of the characters in the performances.

The guide also included recommendations on theater festivals and “backstage walks” through personal accounts of artists, ballet dancers, directors and conductors.

As part of the project, together with illustrator Dasha Surma company has created a series of animated stickers that you can add to the storys in Instagrame and on Facebook at hashtag #theatregoingdigital or # Theater .

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