Dubai police will purchase Cybertruck from Elon Musk to patrol tourist areas

The electric pickup truck will become part of the park along with the Bugatti Veyron, Lamborgini Aventador and other supercars.

Dubai Cyberruck Concept Concept Image of Dubai Police

The Dubai Police Department will add Tesla Cybertruck to the service park. The electric pickup is planned to be used in tourist areas. This was reported by Arabian Business, citing the Dubai Police Twitter.

The agency did not specify exactly how many cars it would purchase for its fleet. In the police tweet there is only the signature “2020” and an illustration of the car after being accepted for service.

As Dubai Police Chief Abdullah Khalifa Al Murray noted in a conversation with Arabian Business, streets in tourist areas will be patrolling on Cybertruck. Among them are Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Beach.

It is unclear when exactly in Dubai they expect to accept Cybertruck for service. Despite the mention of 2020, Tesla is going to start production of the machine only at the end of 2021.

Dubai Police Park is considered one of the most expensive and fastest in the world. It includes many supercars, including various models of Bugatti, Lamborghini and Mercedes-AMG.

Elon Musk introduced the first Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck on November 22. It will come with one, two or three motors, the top version will be able to accelerate to 96.6 km / h in 2.9 seconds. The company claims that on a single charge Cybertruck will be able to travel up to 805 kilometers.

The futuristic design of the car divided social networks into two camps. Some found the design fresh and bold, while others found it raw and unaesthetic. Some users doubted that Cybertruck will be able to enter the market in the form in which it was presented, because it will not pass certification of American automobile regulators.

Two days after the presentation, Elon Musk announced about 146 thousand pre-orders for Cybertruck, and by November 26 their number had grown to 250 thousand. Since one reservation had to pay $ 100, the company received $ 25 million. At the same time, potential buyers can return their deposits at any time.

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