2019 Wrapped: Spotify summed up the year with personalized statistics and playlists

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By the end of 2019, Spotify re-enabled Wrapped , a service with personalized results for the outgoing year. Spotify users can find out how their musical year went (and if a listener has been using Spotify for several years – even a decade), and look at their personal statistics: who they listened to most often and during what period, how much time they spent listening to music, what genres dominated.

Statistics are available for viewing both in the browser version and directly from the mobile application in the story format.

Personalized playlists of “Your Top Songs 2019” and “Best of the Decade For You” also became available to users. The first contains the most listened tracks of the year, the second contains the best tracks of the decade, selected based on the tastes of the user.

And in the comments under this post, you can take a look at what users of the service listened to on last year.

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