US policeman who called to start an investigation against himself was fired due to loss of confidence

The mayor of Chicago said that the man several times lied to her face, but did not specify what exactly.

Eddie Johnson, former Chicago police chief (right) and Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot (left) Photo Chicago Tonight

Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson was fired from his post a few weeks before his official resignation due to loss of confidence. The mayor explained that the reason was a “series of ethical violations.” This was reported by NBC News.

According to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Johnson deliberately lied to her several times about the incident in October when he was found asleep at the wheel. At a press conference, she explained that the policeman misled the people of Chicago and failed 13,400 officers and employees who he led.

After examining the ongoing investigation by the Inspector General, it became clear that Mr. Johnson was involved in a series of ethical violations that were unacceptable. Eddie Johnson deliberately lied to me several times, even when I questioned his story. He claimed to be telling the truth, but now I know that this is not so.

Lori Lightfootmayor of chicago

Lightfoot refused to clarify what specifically Johnson lied to her about. According to her, it would not be fair to the officer’s wife and children at the moment. However, the mayor explained that she had read the initial report of the inspector general and the video evidence that convinced her that the dismissal was the only right decision.

Details of Johnson’s violations may be publicly available after the release of a full report of the investigation. But Lightfoot explained that in the situation with the policeman, “there was no gray zone.”

Lying is a lie. What he told me about what happened that night is completely different from how it looks to me and members of society.

Lori Lightfoot

According to the mayor, the Chicago police deserve a new leader, “in whom he can believe.” They will be former Los Angeles police chief Charlie Back.

Eddie Johnson was fired a few weeks before the planned resignation. He led the second largest police department in the United States for three years and began his career as a patrol officer in 1988.

On October 17, Johnson was found asleep at the wheel of his own car at the Stop sign near his own house. Arriving at the scene, the police did not conduct an alcohol test and escorted the boss to the house.

Then the policeman said that he drank “a couple of drinks” during dinner and explained the situation to health problems. According to him, he forgot to take pills for high blood pressure and fainted.

On October 20, Johnson himself called for an independent investigation against himself to confirm that he was “really telling the truth.” On November 8, he announced his resignation at the end of 2020. At a press conference, police said his work robbed his family, health, and friends.

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