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ISIS announced involvement in the terrorist attack in London through the Russian messenger TamTam

It was used instead of Telegram.

The Islamic State used the Russian TamTam messenger to announce its involvement in the attack on London. About this writes the publication Insider, with reference to the Belgian expert on terrorist groups Peter Van Osteyen.

Ostyen claims that a statement from the terrorists appeared on TamTam two minutes earlier than on Telegram. In his opinion, the IG prepared for its use in the event of closing the channels in the messenger of Pavel Durov. He said that during the check TamTam discovered hundreds of channels belonging to a terrorist organization.

Despite this, the Belgian expert suggests that the IG will not be able to use TamTam for a long time. He noted the operational work of the messenger staff. Ostyen managed to infiltrate 50 chats that were used by representatives of the IG, but by December 3, 48 of them were blocked.

He was supported by the British jihadist scholar Amarnat Amarasingam. He said that on November 29 he joined 165 terrorist groups in TamTam, but by December 1, 128 of them had already been blocked.

In a conversation with Vice, TamTam representatives emphasized that they strongly opposed the distribution of the content of terrorist organizations on the platform. They urged all messenger users to report such channels or accounts.

TamTam is a Russian messenger developed by Group. The company began to promote it in the spring of 2018, when Russia began to block Telegram. According to The Print, by this time the IS had already used the Russian application, but the terrorist attack in London was the first attack that the terrorist organization announced in TamTam.

Since 2014, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been actively blocking the accounts of terrorist organizations. Because of this, the IG “moved” to Telegram, but the messenger employees also began to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of various countries to block the accounts of the Islamic State.

One of the last major blockages took place at the end of November, about a week before the terrorist attack in London. It was organized by Europol in collaboration with popular social networks. Among them was Telegram, which announced the blocking of five thousand accounts.

Updated at 12:02:

TamTam’s press service told that it was blocking channels with any manifestations of terrorism propaganda. For this, the company uses special algorithms and processes user complaints.

The TamTam messenger always promptly blocks channels and chats with any manifestations of violence and terrorism propaganda. A ban on this is specified in the license agreement.

The messenger did not receive official requests for the appearance of this information from government bodies and experts mentioned in the media, but with the help of the automatic TamTam algorithms and operational handling of user complaints, this activity quickly decreased.

Press Service “TamTam”

The TamTam messenger has more than seven million registered users and more than 60 thousand channels.

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