YouTube relaxed the rules for posting violent episodes of video games. But monetization can still be removed from them

Age restrictions from the platform will not receive videos in which "the main focus is not on cruelty."

YouTube has changed the rules for publishing videos with violent episodes from video games. Now, age restrictions from the platform will not receive videos from imitations of violence, if “the main focus in them is not on cruelty.” This was told by the YouTube administration.

The platform will continue to limit the showing of videos in which violent scenes are the “only focus”. The Verge writes that the video showing the final hits in Mortal Kombat will continue to be 18+.

We know that there is a difference between violence in the real world and violence in a script or its imitation – for example, what you see in movies, television shows or video games.

submitted by YouTube

New rules do not apply to advertising. Commercials may lose monetization if advertisers find them too cruel, despite the standards of service. YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki said that the social network is looking for advertisers who are interested in “sharper content”.

YouTube changed its advertising policy for violent episodes in 2017. Content creators complained that only videos with the broadcast of “family games,” for example, Minecraft, could monetize. In addition, the age limit on the rollers also prevents them from getting into the “trends”, which affects the views.

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