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Voices of Strangers – Telegram-bot for anonymous voice messaging with unfamiliar people

Strangers sing, argue, offer to meet and trust something that they don’t tell friends. And all this with the help of “voices”.

At the end of November in social networks drew attention to the Telegram-bot called Voices of Strangers . In it, you can receive and listen to a voice message from a random stranger who recorded a “voice” for the bot. Bot developer Evgeni Kudashev calls this a social experiment, and hundreds of users have already turned Voices of Strangers into a chat, dating service and a way to speak out on personal topics.

All messages are completely anonymous: the recipients do not know the names and profiles of those who sent the “voice”. The record authors, in turn, also do not know to whom their message will come. As planned, this should free up the hands of users: you can share something personal with strangers or something that you would not want to publish on your own behalf.

Initially, in order to get anonymous “troops”, you had to send a message to the bot yourself – at least for 5-10 seconds. Only after that the user received other people’s audio recordings. But now they can be immediately obtained by the / play command – Kudashev explains this by the fact that people often sent nonsense or silence to access the audio of strangers.

What the developer and users say about the bot

In a few days, the bot gained popularity among Telegram users. According to Kudashev, several dozen people are constantly “online” (that is, they record or listen to messages at approximately the same time interval). And the / play button can be pressed up to 400 thousand times in a few minutes. They began to talk about the service in other social networks.

On Facebook, Voices of Strangers are trying to understand the nature more deeply, noting that they have already found new friends with the help of the bot. According to users, the service helps to deal with loneliness and somewhere even to reconsider the attitude to voice messages, which are often criticized.

“Another message or sleep, another message or sleep, another message or sleep” – this is a 7-second nightly audio message that I received in the Voices of Strangers Telegram bot. And a dozen more messages in which people report that they have been here for several hours, can not get out of here and can not fall asleep.

You can argue for a long time that attention is energy, and according to Eric Byrne people need stroking and people lack communication, but not only that, people lack such communication. Anti-visual and anti-text Internet, where you hear intonations and emotions in your voice, where audio greatly draws the listener’s attention.

And the most important thing is the atmosphere where people support each other, you can really hear a lot of words of encouragement and support, wishes of joy and good luck, these are not ordinary comments in RuNet, but almost a therapeutic community, a real space of inspiration.

Nick McFly

A year ago, I began to boil at the sight of a sent troops (I still swear at long troops at work). Six months ago, I began to record voices to friends, because this is how we better keep in touch, living at high speeds. And now I sit and listen to incognito voices from the crowd, which trynd about what I think. And I even like it. And in all this there is some kind of sermyaga!

So much in this loneliness. Everyone wants to be heard.

Julia korol

Kudashev himself believes that the reason for the success was primarily anonymity, which allows us to speak out: “People are ready to tell strangers something that they will not tell many of their friends. People are not shy about sharing personal items. Quite a lot of messages that the bot sent were superpersonal and intimate stories, as if you were listening to someone else’s session with a therapist. ”

There is an element of surprise, surprise, curiosity in this. Very simple rules of the game and at the same time a huge number of behaviors – you can sing, you can insult, you can wish a good day, you can send ads.

This is an opportunity for people (and for me) to find themselves in some kind of new space, to experience unexpected emotion, the opportunity to feel some kind of close connection with completely strangers.

Evgeny Kudashev

bot developer

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