T-Mobile has launched the first national 5G network in the United States. But so far only on the “slow” version of the technology

No one will be able to use it until at least December 6th.

US coverage map 5G (pink) and 4G LTE (burgundy) Image T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced the launch of a national 5G network in the United States, which will reach 200 million people. It will be possible to connect to it only from December 6, when the first two smartphones with the support of the required frequency range will appear on sale. This was noticed in The Verge.

As noted in the publication, T-Mobile deployed a network based on its own, slower 5G implementation. It operates in the 600 MHz band – the same low frequencies as LTE. Moreover, thanks to equipment with new technology, the network will provide a higher speed.

T-Mobile did not tell what speeds can be obtained on the operator’s 5G network, but noted that this will largely depend on the location. According to company representatives, in some places 600 MHz 5G will be “much faster than LTE”, while in others customers will not notice much difference.

Thanks to the use of LTE-like range, the operator was able to deploy the network widely in a short time. T-Mobile is the first major telecom provider in the United States to claim national 5G coverage.

At the same time, the company guarantees the widest but not fast 5G network – for this, millimeter waves (mmWave) would have to be used. They use faster radio waves to provide high-speed connections, but the signal does not pass well through any obstacles. Because of this, 5G using this technology began to be deployed in only a few US cities.

US residents will be able to connect to the “national” 5G network of T-Mobile only on December 6 – on this day the operator will begin selling OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition for $ 900 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G for $ 1,300 . As explained at The Verge, smartphones will be the only officially available devices in the US with 5G support at 600 MHz.

Both devices do not support “fast” 5G on millimeter waves. However, they will be able to operate in the middle range, the rights to which so far belong to the Sprint operator. However, if the merger is approved, then T-Mobile will unite the network and accelerate speeds.

In 2019, all major US carriers began to deploy 5G networks. Each of them implemented technologists in one form or another, but so far these have been only selected cities and locations.

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