FBI calls Russian applications “potential counterintelligence threat”

An example was the FaceApp photo editor.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes that all mobile applications developed in Russia pose a “potential counterintelligence threat.” About this writes Bloomberg with reference to the text of the letter of the department.

According to the FBI, the Russian authorities “can get remote access to all communication channels and servers in Russian networks” without asking the provider.

With this statement, the agency responded to a letter from Democratic senator Chuck Schumer, who called the FaceApp photo-processing application a threat to US national security and asked for action. The FBI said their concerns also apply to this editor.

In July, FaceApp developers said that they did not transfer any user data to third parties. According to them, all the functions of the application are available without registration and login, so the developers simply do not receive most of the data for identifying users.

Flashmob with aging faces in FaceApp reached the United States. They thought about data security because of the Russian roots of the application. 

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