China introduced mandatory face scan when buying SIM-cards

Authorities attributed this to the fight against fraud.

Since December 1, when drawing up a contract for a new smartphone or mobile phone in China, they began to demand not only a passport, but also a face scan. Thus, the authorities are allegedly going to fight fraudsters with fake identities.

According to the new rules, when issuing a SIM card or buying a new smartphone under a contract with an operator, Chinese people must not only present a passport and take a picture, but also give their face a scan. Thus, sellers will be able to verify that the identity in the documents corresponds to their owner.

The Chinese authorities have been trying for several years to ensure that every user in the country logs on under the real name. For example, in 2017, social networks in the country were required to verify the identity of people before allowing them to publish content.

With the help of the new law, the government intends to strengthen this system. In addition, the authorities want to make sure that they can identify all the owners of smartphones – most of the country’s inhabitants go to the Internet from mobile devices.

China is considered the world leader in face recognition technology. It is used both for catching criminals and tracking residents, as well as for daily routines such as payments in the subway and supermarkets.

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