Australia launches AI road cameras to detect drivers with smartphones driving

This is the first time technology has been used in the real world.

New South Wales Police Photo for Associated Press

The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has begun to use the first cameras that automatically recognize the use of smartphones while driving. The system uses a neural network to evaluate personnel and gives police officers photographs with possible irregularities. This is stated on the state authorities website.

In the first three months the system will work in pilot mode – drivers will not be fined, only warned. After that, serious monetary fines will start to apply: for a violation on a regular road, they will be fined 344 Australian dollars (about 15 thousand rubles) and five penalty points will be awarded, and for a violation near schools – 457 Australian dollars (about 20 thousand rubles) and 10 points, valid for a double period.

The system itself will find intruders by analyzing images, but in case of errors, the final decision will be approved by people. Authorities are confident that the system will reduce the number of accidents. According to the state government, independent modeling has shown that cameras can prevent 100 fatal and serious accidents over the next five years.

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