Apple launched the Apple Music Awards and named the first laureates. The artist of the year was Billy Eilish

Artists will receive an award in the form of a silicon wafer manufactured by Apple.

Apple has launched the Apple Music Awards. It will be awarded to the most talented and outstanding musicians based on the opinions of service editors and preferences of listeners from around the world. 

The Apple Music Awards will consist of three categories – Artist of the Year, Best Songwriter, and Breakthrough of the Year. The winners will be selected by the international team of Apple Music editors, which will include critics and opinion leaders. In the nominations “Album of the Year” and “Song of the Year”, the winners will be selected on the basis of data on the number of plays.

Apple named the first prize winners. Among them are Billy Eilish, FINNEAS, Lizzo and Lil Nas X.

Artist of the Year and Album of the Year – Billy Elish

Billy Ailish Apple Photos

In the main nomination, the winner was Billy Eilish . Apple called it “a real phenomenon of the international scene” and noted that her debut album “ When we fall asleep, where do we go? “Became the most popular album in Apple Music for 2019. He was awarded the Album of the Year Award, which Ailish will share with his brother FINNEAS.

Breakthrough of the Year – Lizzo

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Rap and soul musician Lizzo received the Breakthrough of the Year award. Apple noted that she changed the perception of the image of a pop star. According to the editors of the service, the performer first questioned the stereotypes about the music and the appearance of the stars in the album “ Cuz I Love You ” and his single “Truth Hurts”.

Song of the Year – Old town road

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Apple noted that the Old Town Road from Lil Nas X has become a “real sensation” on the Internet. The service did not name the number of times the song was listened, but it became the most popular in the service for the year.

What does the reward look like?

Apple will award musicians with a set of special awards of its own production. Each of them will be a special silicon wafer suspended between a polished glass sheet and an anodized aluminum casing.

Using ultraviolet lithography, copper will be applied to the wafer in the form of a circuit connecting billions of transistors. Apple explained that the process takes several months, and then the plate is usually cut into hundreds of individual chips that are used in the company’s devices.

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