Advanced Camera, Virtual Moleskine, and Indie Adventures: Apple’s Best Games and Applications of 2019

As well as a tool for publishers and a library of professional photographs of researchers.

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The company presented a list of the best applications and games for the iPhone, iPad, macOS and Apple TV according to the version of the App Store. 

IPhone app of the year – Specter Camera

An application worth  $2.99 allows you to take a photo with a long shutter speed. Specter Camera takes hundreds of shots in a few seconds and uses machine learning to recognize scenes and stabilize the image. Lux Optics developer claims that users can take exposures without a tripod.

Photos taken with Specter Photo Mac Stories

IPad App of the Year – Flow by Moleskine

Diaries producer Moleskine created an application for creating sketches and notes in which to write and draw on the screen with a variety of virtual art tools – graphite pencils or markers with a beveled pen. Within seven days, the application is available for free, and then you have to pay 2.32 United States Dollar per month.

Mac App of the Year – Affinity Publisher

Serif Labs’ application offers professional tools for the design of printed materials. With it, you can make up a book, photo album or advertising booklet. Affinity Publisher costs $34.99.

Apple TV App of the Year – The Explorers

The free application allows you to view high-resolution images and videos taken during the expeditions of researchers, scientists or photographers. The developer of The Explorers Network aims to build a large library with 4K and 8K images and videos made in different parts of the Earth.

IPhone Game of the Year – Sky: Children of the Light

In the multiplayer adventure quest from the developer thatgamecompany, the character needs to fly through seven different worlds and help the heavenly creatures find their way home. An iOS-exclusive game can be downloaded for free for iPhone and iPad, but it has in-app purchases.

Game of the Year for iPad – Hyper Light Drifter

In the studio Abylight SL updated the 16-bit adventure game Hyper Light Drifter, released in 2016. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo, an action-RPG project combines world exploration and battles that require the player to apply different skills. On the App Store, a game available on Windows, macOS, and consoles costs $4.99.

Game of the Year for Mac – GRIS

Puzzle platform from the Spanish independent developer Nomada Studio talks about a girl who is suffering a bereavement and receives superpowers. The game with watercolor graphics, released on Windows and macOS in 2018, will cost $9.99 in the App Store.

Game of the Year for Apple TV – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

In the reissue of the original Wonder Boy 3 game, released on the Sega Master System in 1989, the developers of the French studio DotEmu, together with the creator of the series, Ryuchi Nishizawa, manually redrawn the animation and updated the soundtrack.

Users can instantly switch between the two versions of the platformer, or play in split mode when the original version of Wonder Boy is displayed on one half of the screen and the modern version on the other. An adventure game released on macOS, Windows and consoles in 2017 will cost 599 rubles.

Apple Arcade Game of the Year –

The music rhythm action, available through Apple Arcade, was developed by Simogo. The main character rides a motorcycle and a skateboard, fights with swords and laser pistols, and also dances to music written specifically for the game.

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