The Japanese company launched an experiment – the subjects will be paid $ 1830 a month for shooting their home life

The company wants to collect data about people's true habits and monetize them.

Japanese company Plasma Inc. launched the social experiment Project Exograph . Researchers will continuously record the home lives of the unemployed, and in a month they will pay them 1830 dollars.

The subjects will be four people who agreed to install cameras in their homes. The only blind area will be the bathrooms – in all other rooms will conduct continuous video recording.

After the end of the experiment, the company promises to pay 200 thousand yen or about 1830 dollars to the subjects – 50% more than the social benefits that they receive.

The videos will be anonymous and analyzed to identify needs and habits. Then the company will try to find buyers for the data, but until it starts selling them.

Idea Plasma Inc. lies in selling “real” privacy. The company expects that since there are buyers using digital data from people, some may be interested in buying data about “real life”.

CEO of Plasma Inc. Hiroki Enno (Hiroki Enno) in a conversation with The Mainichi explained that the company decided to explore the possibility of earning for people in case of unemployment due to automation.

If artificial intelligence and robots get progress, then people will not have to work and they will be able to live by providing data for money. Based on this, we have established the amount necessary to support a healthy and minimum necessary standard of living.

Hiroki Enno

CEO of Plasma Inc.

Project Exograph is one of the variations of the idea of ​​unconditional basic income. According to the concept, the government should pay each member of the society, regardless of status, a fixed amount per month, sufficient for life.

As conceived by the authors of the idea of ​​basic income, this will allow people to get rid of anxiety due to financial needs and always do what they like.

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