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In mid-20th century London was recreated in St. Petersburg for the filming of Indian cinema

The film will be shot in London itself.

Frame from video

In the Petrograd district of St. Petersburg , London was recreated in the middle of the last century for the filming of the Indian painting Sardar Udham. On the streets of the city noticed a retro tram, an old double-decker and vintage cars.

Due to the filming, the streets from Chapaev, Kotovsky and Bolshaya Posadskaya were blocked from November 29 to December 1. At the time of the work on the painting, decorations were placed there – a red telephone box, a double-decker bus and a retro tram.

The film by director Shujit Sirkar will tell about Udham Singh, a revolutionary and fighter for Indian independence. In addition to Russia and India, filming will take place in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

Before that, Petersburg had already recreated London in a similar way for the filming of Alexey Pimanov’s film “11 Silent Men” about Soviet footballers who went to the tournament in England in 1945. As the scenery, the authors also used a double-decker bus and a red telephone box.

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