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Twitter will begin to delete accounts of users who have not been active for six months

In order not to lose your profile, you just need to log in to your account - tweets are optional.

Twitter began to send emails to owners of accounts inactive for six months with a warning – if the user does not log into the social network before December 11, then his profile will be deleted. It is reported by The Verge.

A company representative told the publication that the cleaning of accounts is carried out “in the interests of public discussion” in order to “provide more accurate and reliable information on Twitter.” According to him, such a policy makes users more actively enter the social network. Closing inactive profiles does not contradict the user agreement.

Twitter did not tell when deleted nicknames will become available to current users. The representative said that “the removal process is not one-day and will drag on for several months.” The company also kept silent about what would happen to the accounts of dead users: “There is no way in social networks to turn profiles into memorials after the death of a user, but our team is thinking about it.”

To save the account, just follow the link from the letter and enter it with your username and password. It is not necessary to publish anything on the social network itself. Bots will not be liquidated if they are active and post tweets.

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