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Twitter has suspended the deletion of inactive accounts. The company will create a tool to perpetuate the memory of the dead

The company said that the removal would only affect users from the European Union.

Twitter has announced the suspension of the process of deleting inactive accounts after a negative reaction from users of the social network. The company also clarified that this process would affect only users from the European Union.

The company called the removal decision a “blunder”: the account of deceased users could fall under this. The social network will not delete inactive accounts until it comes up with a way to perpetuate the memory of deceased account owners.

On November 26, Twitter began sending out emails to owners of accounts inactive for six months with a warning – if the user does not log into the social network before December 11, then his profile will be deleted. In response to this, the “Internet Archive” launched a service that allows you to save tweets of dead users of the social network.

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