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Internet Archive launched the tweeter archiver for deceased users. Twitter previously announced the removal of inactive profiles

You cannot make a “memorial” account on the social network, so the Internet has taken matters into its own hands.

The curator of the ” Internet Archive ” Jason Scott (Jason Scott) launched a service that allows you to save tweets of dead users of the social network. This was noticed in The Verge. Earlier, Twitter announced that it will begin to delete accounts inactive for six months after December 11.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not offer to transfer the account to “memorial” status. In the social network you can only download your profile if you have access to the username and password. Therefore, Scott decided to create the Twittering Dead project to help users maintain profiles of their deceased loved ones.

Warning, Twitter users! 
Do you know someone who made a big mistake and died before scrolling through the user agreement for his account? 
Want to honor their memory? 
Please fill out this form.

Our team will try to do everything in our power to archive these Twitter accounts. Throw off the tweets that particularly touched you, of course. But we will do our best. Thanks, Twitter. You know what gift to give for the holidays

To participate, you must leave the name of the account that the user wants to archive in Google Form . If the profile is really deleted after December 11, the content will remain in the public domain.

Jason Scott had previously worked to maintain online services that were no longer in use. In 2017, he tried to archive SoundCloud after rumors that the company went bankrupt. In 2019, Scott published 490,000 songs from MySpace after they were removed from the servers.

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