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Disney princesses “rule” social networks to make them look more realistic. They change facial features and remove makeup

Russian artists wanted to add variety to the appearance of the heroines, but the “correction” caused controversy.

On November 22, the Disney cartoon “Frozen 2” was released in the United States – a continuation of the 2013 story about Princess Elsa. The first part gained immense popularity, earning $ 1.3 billion and becoming the highest grossing cartoon in history.

In Russia, the cartoon comes out on November 28. By the premiere, the Russian artist under the nickname @mekuum remade the image of Elsa, noting that since the time of the first part the makeup of the princess has “a little bit strained” her. The girl did not redraw the heroine completely, but only adjusted her appearance.

Obviously, the artist pursued the goal of making the Disney princess more natural. A tweet with work became popular, and at the same time showed that without make-up Elsa looks a little younger than she actually is. According to the plot of “Frozen”, she is 21 years old.

@Mekuum’s work inspired other social media users to create more realistic images of Elsa and her sister Anna. In social networks, this was explained by the fact that usually in Disney cartoons the princesses are portrayed rather typically: a round face, a small snub nose and big eyes.

As a result, Twitter users deliberately deviated from the “ideal images” of the princesses, did not limit themselves to makeup and began to change the facial features of the characters.

Some of the new Disney princesses artwork was reminiscent of the Respectful redesign flash mob , where they redrawed sexy female characters, adding comfortable clothes to them. The works of Russian-speaking authors with Elsa reached the West.

Some of you are missing the point. The point is not that the princesses look unrealistic, but that all the female characters in the Disney cartoons of recent years have the same facial features. This is a lazy design approach.

Plus, male heroes have a much greater variety in shapes, sizes, faces, and so on. Usually they look more realistic, and women look the same with big eyes, small noses, round faces. Only the hairstyles, clothes and color palette differ. Artists Can Give Us More Variety

Amid the discussion of “typical Disney princesses” on Twitter, they shared examples of heroines who really stand out with their images.
Once again the loud applause to Spider-Man: Through the Universes for the design of female characters that does not look the same

At the same time, the authors of the works showed how the male cartoon characters would look if they had been fitted to the same standards as the girls — using the same Frozen example.
If you really think that the same faces of all Disney princesses are a “style” and not a manifestation of a company’s greed that allows you to release more toys and make them cheaper, then you probably don’t care what male characters look like

A flash mob with the correction of the image of Elsa gave rise to a discussion, the participants of which were divided into two camps. Some approved the changes, while others noted that there was a place for unrealism in the cartoons, and such work was disrespect for the artists of Frozen.

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