Nvidia will discontinue macOS support in next CUDA update

This can affect the operation of graphics programs and affect fans of hackintosh systems.

CUDA 10.2 will be the latest version of the platform supporting the development and launch of CUDA applications on macOS. All future versions will not be compatible with Apple devices. This is stated in the platform update notes on the Nvidia website.

As noted on Gizmodo, the cessation of support for CUDA may affect the operation of graphics applications on poppies with Nvidia graphics cards. CUDA provided parallel computing and increased performance in programs like Adobe Premiere and After Effects, as well as in some games like Just Cause 2.

In addition, fans of hackintosh, a hacked version of the system that can be installed on PCs not made by Apple , may encounter difficulties . Since Nvidia solutions are popular on third-party computers and laptops, enthusiasts will have to look for a solution without native device support.

Apple and Nvidia have been strained for many years. After the MacBook Pro failed to launch with Nvidia graphics cards in 2008, Apple no longer installed them on its laptops, switching to AMD. At the same time, macOS supported CUDA, and Nvidia released drivers for video cards on the system. In 2018, Apple unilaterally discontinued support for CUDA on macOS with the release of Mojave.

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