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Facebook launched an application in the USA with polls, for the passage of which it will pay social network users

Viewpoints collects personal data, but the company promises not to sell or publish it without permission.

Facebook introduced the Viewpoints application, whose users will receive money for completing surveys and other tasks. The company announced this in its blog.

A user over 18 years old needs to download the application and connect his Facebook account to it. After that, he will be offered different tasks – before each company promises to tell how the collected information will be used. To withdraw money to your PayPal account, you need to score a certain amount of points in the application.

Viewpoints will also ask the user to provide their name, email address, country of residence, date of birth, gender and, in some cases, location. The company promised not to sell this information to third parties and not to publish it without permission.

Representatives of Facebook said that they launched the application in order to “improve their products”, “reduce the negative impact of social networks” and “enhance their benefits.” While Viewpoints is only available in the US, the company plans to add other countries in 2020.

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