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Journalists reported the removal of gifs from baby Yoda due to copyright. Giphy explained this by mistake and returned everything

The media suggested that Disney intentionally "cleaned the Internet" from gifs with a popular character.

Many English-language and Russian-language media , citing tweets of Vulture journalist Kathryn VanArendonk, reported that Disney allegedly removed all the gifs from the Giphy service from the character of the Mandalorets series, which was nicknamed Yoda kid on social networks due to copyright infringement.

On her Twitter, Van Arendonk complained that her material with a retelling of all the scenes with the baby Yoda from Mandalore’s had lost all of the character’s images. The journalist told Business Insider that she had received an email from Giphy with a notice of copyright infringement in the digital age. According to her, the company did not disclose who complained about the gifs. Disney then did not comment on the situation.

In response to this, Vulture replaced the removed gifs with their own drawings with the baby Yoda, who repeated all the scenes from the series.

Image of Martin Gee

On November 25, a Giphy spokesperson told the Comicbook that the gifs had been deleted by mistake and already restored everything: “We apologize to Disney and Vulture for the inconvenience.” The mistake in the company was explained by the fact that the moderators checked the content and temporarily hid the gifs while they understood the situation. After that, Van Arendonk deleted her tweets. made sure the gifs with baby Yoda returned to the site.

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