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In the Black Sea, a Romanian ship with 14 thousand sheep overturned. Policemen, firefighters and the fleet were sent to rescue them

So far, the crew of the ship and 32 sheep have been saved.

In the Black Sea, the Romanian ship “Queen Hinda” capsized with 14 thousand sheep on board. According to The Guardian, the crew of the ship was not injured.

Queen Hinda transported 14.6 thousand sheep to Saudi Arabia, but the ship turned over shortly after leaving the port. Rescuers managed to get a crew of 21 people and 32 sheep out of the water. The fate of the remaining animals is still unknown, but the authorities, the police, firefighters and the navy, were involved in their rescue. Rescue services representative Maria Stoika spoke about the locked animals in the hold and expressed hope that they were still alive.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but Gabriel Pawn, a member of the Animals International NGO, suggested that this happened due to the ship’s overload. According to her, the ship had previously had problems with the engine. The Association of Breeders and Exporters of Romania called for an investigation into the incident.

Zoodefenders called vessels for transporting livestock “death ships”. In their view, animals often die on board a ship. In July 2019, the European Commissioner in charge of food safety, Vityanis Andryukaitis, urged Bucharest to stop transporting 70,000 sheep to the Persian Gulf due to animal welfare. He demanded a detailed study of this part of the Romanian export.

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