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Elon Musk voiced himself in Rick and Morty. He hinted at a cameo back in February, renaming his Twitter account

The entrepreneur called himself Ilon Task - this is the name of his character in the series.

Elon Task Shot from Rick and Morty

In the third episode of the fourth season of Rika and Morty, which was released on November 24, a character named Elon Tusk appeared, voiced by the head of Tesla. It is reported by .

Task (“tusk” is translated as “tusk”) lives in a world where all people have tusks. An alternative universe version of Elon Musk runs a corporation called Tuskla. Rick and Morty enlist the help of Task for robbery.

In February 2019, Musk changed his Twitter name to Elon Task, adding elephant emoji to it. Then the social networks decided that so the head of Tesla reacted to the meme in which they distorted his name. For example, an entrepreneur was renamed Elon Mosca (Mosque – mosque) or Elon Daska (Dusk – sunset).

However, it turned out to be a reference to the future cameo in Rick and Morty.

So that’s why he changed his name to Elon Tusk!

In 2017, Musk was asked if he was watching Rick and Morty. He called the show “a little nasty,” but admitted that he and “his guys” liked it.

Yeah. It’s a little nasty, but my guys and I like it

“A little nasty”? Wait a bit. By the end of the season, we will disgust all members of the Musk family

After that, users asked the creators of the series to make a cameo musk.

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