Architecture: Maldives villa with underwater bedroom

You can observe the life of the ocean without diving for this in water.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Photos

Designer Ahmed Salim, together with the New York-based architect firm Yuji Yamazaki, designed Muraka Villa, which became part of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The apartment consists of a living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room, and has an additional bedroom under water.

The acrylic walls of the underwater room are made completely transparent so that guests can watch the life of the ocean.

Maldives are known for their pristine beach and sea. The ocean view is breathtaking, but it is only half the Maldivian beauty. The other half exists underwater – there is a whole underwater ecosystem that can be shown to visitors, and they will not have to plunge into this for this.

Yuji Yamazaki


The “Underground Floor” consists of three modules, which were separately delivered to the island, after which they were welded together and installed under water on concrete piles.

Access to the villa is only possible by boat or seaplane.

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