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“I do not want anything. I don’t want anything ”: Trump’s statement in black notebook with black marker went into memes

In social networks, it was reported that the US president was composing the lyrics or coming up with plans to capture Canada.

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On November 20, Donald Trump spoke with reporters about the impeachment process launched by the Democrats against him. The president read his speech with a notebook on which large letters were displayed with a black marker – reporters managed to make a clear photo of the page.

Typically, at a press conference, journalists stand in front of the speaker, but that day some of the reporters were behind Trump. The photographer who took the picture of the recordings did not realize that his image would become a meme, but emphasized that he was always trying to make unique photos. Sheets of paper in the hands of the president immediately attracted his attention. In addition, Trump made a mistake in the name of Vladimir Zelensky.

I do not want anything. I do not want anything. I don’t want any quid-pro-quo .. Tell Zelinsky to do the right thing. This is the last word of the President of the United States.

from the records of Donald trump

Verbally, Trump repeated his notes word for word , omitting the last sentence “This means that it’s over,” he said at the end, speaking about the impeachment procedure.

Users of social networks at first were surprised why the president wrote such a simple text, and doubted his mental state.

The crazy picture of Donald Trump, which displays “I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING” in huge letters on a piece of paper with a marker so that he doesn’t forget to say “I don’t want anything” 45 seconds later, a flock of reporters is the darkest and most shameful thing, and I I hate it

Marker ✓, huge font ✓, upper case ✓, Zelensky’s surname is spelled incorrectly ✓ / Yes, Trump definitely wrote it

Suddenly, Trump needed to write down such simple words? 
After he was taken to the hospital on Saturday? 
Did he have neuralgic symptoms?

Usually when I want nothing, I write it down twice with a large black marker so as not to forget

The photo became a template for memes – users submitted that on a piece of paper texts of popular songs were actually written.

The first draft of the song If I Ain’t Got You Alisha Keys

New National Single Coming Soon

Shot from the movie “8 Mile”

Pearl Jam Album Tracklist – No Code

Lyrics for Panic! 
At The Disco – High Hopes

Soon, Twitter users began to paste pasta notes, pop-cultural references and the president’s imaginary thoughts instead of the original text.

Trump’s notes were insane today (reference to 
meme paste)

First draft: “B *** b”

This Trump note is full of dangerous lies (frame from the TV series “My So-Called Life”)
My plan for America: Canada – free real estate, maple syrup, Mexico – oil, tacos
Gordon who? 
/ I’m a big boy / You’re not my boss / Wall

The media wondered why the text was written in such a large font, and suggested that this was all due to Trump’s poor vision. According to rumors, the president refuses to publicly wear glasses. According to The New York Times, he rarely writes to other people on Twitter because he doesn’t want to be noticed with glasses.

The president had previously used the marker for his notes. In September 2019, Twitter users launched the hashtag #SharpieGate (“Markerogate”) after Trump “corrected” Dorian’s motion map with a marker, but did not recognize it.

On November 20, Trump also visited the Apple factory in Texas with Tim Cook, where he retrieved the same notes made by the marker when reporters asked him about the impeachment procedure

Trump reads his notes again

On the lawn in front of the White House, Trump made a statement regarding the testimony of US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland, who stated that the president did not deserve impeachment. This procedure was launched in September by the House of Representatives of the Congress after Trump’s talks with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. During the conversation, the US president asked Zelensky to start an investigation against Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Biden is expected to become one of Trump’s main rivals in the 2020 election.

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