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Trump announced the opening of the Apple factory in Texas. It turned out that it is not new and has been producing Mac Pro since 2013 .

Perhaps the US president was opening another factory that had not yet been built.

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump and Tim Cook at the Apple factory in Austin, Texas

Donald Trump tweeted that he opened a large Apple factory in Texas. According to him, she will provide a well-paid job to the Americans.

“Today I opened a large Apple production in Texas, which will return the highly paid work back to America. 
At the same time, Nancy Pelosi [Trump’s opponent] closed the Congress because she didn’t give a damn about American hard workers. ”

As Western tech journalists noted, the Trump factory actually opened six years ago. Since then, it has been producing Mac Pro for the US market.

“Reminder # 3: The factory that Trump mentions below is NOT new, is NOT open today and has been producing Mac Pro for Apple since 2013.”

According to John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed News, the factory visited by the president is not even managed by Apple. His colleague from CNBC, Steve Kovach, also noted that the company does not own a factory.

“This Apple factory is not an Apple factory and there are no new jobs here.”

Apparently, Trump confused the opening of the factory with the expansion of Apple’s production in Austin, although this was not even included in his tour. On November 20, the company announced plans to build a new campus in the city to build the latest Mac Pros.

The current factory, which Trump visited, has really been working since 2013. They decided to expand it as part of Apple’s program to support the US economy along with an increase in presence in other American cities.

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