The first Starship prototype exploded in trials. SpaceX was ready for this – they tested the pressure in the systems

Tanks for methane and oxygen tried to fill as much as possible with cryogenic liquid.

The first full-scale prototype of the SpaceX Starship exploded during tests: its upper part was torn off. It is reported by NASAspaceflight.

The company conducted tests for the maximum filling with cryogenic liquid of tanks for methane and oxygen. For them, such an explosion was not a surprise.

The purpose of the current test was to maximize the increase in pressure in the systems, so this result was not completely unexpected.


The company said that this prototype was not intended for future flights and was not even fully assembled. SpaceX will not repair it, but will begin to create a more advanced version.

Starship Pre- Explosion  
Prototype NASAspaceflight Snapshot

On August 28, the SpaceX Starship prototype, nicknamed Starhopper, successfully passed the “jump” flight test in Texas. He rose to a height of 150 meters, hovered in the air and gently landed. In late September, Musk announced the first Starship test flight.

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