Internet and memes

Public on VKontakte massively cut memes and pictures into two parts. The reason is the change in smart tape algorithms

Ordinary users are unhappy, but the authors believe that there is no other way out - posts with one picture on the social network are no longer "in priority".

Two parts of one meme

From mid-November on VKontakte you can often see a non-standard situation: publics publish pictures cut in the middle into two parts so that they all add up to one image anyway. Often, communities with memes resort to this.

At first glance, this makes no sense – the new format does not add a “second bottom” to the posts, and the pictures themselves show that they were thought of as integral. In the social network, you can find other examples, where for some reason they add a second, usually a small white strip to the post from one image, which merges with the background.

Community authors do not always succeed in successfully combining two pictures, preserving their original appearance. In the web version of VKontakte, parts periodically move out, which is why the overall composition does not look very beautiful. It is also impossible to save the picture you like.
The new meme posting format annoys many subscribers. In the comments under such posts there is a lot of discontent: as a result, cutting the pictures has become a kind of meme.

But communities do not stop, and their authors acknowledge – they are forced to divide memes into two parts. According to them, the point is the changes in the algorithms of the “smart” tape: publishing with one image on VKontakte is no longer a priority. To keep the coverage, public and cut pictures.

Publics adapt to algorithms, but it annoys commentators

Talking about the reasons why you have to cut pictures, administrators of many publics refer to a screenshot of a message that has been distributed on social networks. In it, an unknown author writes that changes in the algorithm occurred in early November: “The coverage is falling, the motivation for more suitable content is falling, because the number of people who see it is also falling.”

But we found a temporary way out of the situation. Cutting the post into parts, which subscribers didn’t really like. And now adding “dummies”, increasing the number of pictures, but without affecting the structure. So that you can share whole pictures with friends and add to the “saved”.

We are waiting for new news from VKontakte so that everything becomes as before. But, as it seems to us, up there someone finally finally …message fragment

Both the publics for a couple of thousand people and the “millionaires” resort to cutting pictures. TJ interlocutors among community owners have confirmed that there is such a problem. Andrey Narov, creator of the “ precoller! ” Community ”(67,000 subscribers), said that the decline in coverage for single-image posts began on November 14th.

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