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Prince Andrew stepped down from royal duties due to scandal surrounding his ties with Jeffrey Epstein

A witness from the Epstein case stated that she had sex with a British prince as a minor.

Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein Snapshot News Syndication

Prince Andrew withdrew from royal duties because of the scandal surrounding him and Jeffrey Epstein. The Duke of York told the BBC about this .

The British prince said that Queen Elizabeth II approved his rejection of royal obligations. He also noted that he regrets his connection with Epstein and expressed sympathy for all the victims of the American billionaire. In addition, a member of the royal family said that he was ready to help in any investigation regarding Epstein.

Journalists associated his statement with a growing backlash after an interview with the BBC. In it, the prince said that he first met Epstein in 1999. After that, the Times published a letter from Buckingham Palace stating that they met in the early 1990s.

In July 2019, the police arrested Jeffrey Epstein. He was accused of selling minors to sexual slavery. He was also suspected of pedophilia. It was assumed that Epstein brought dozens of girls to his house and paid them for sexual massage, which sometimes ended in sex. Some of them were 15 years old. A month later he was found dead in the cell.

In September, Epstein witness Virginia Dzhuffre stated that an American billionaire forced her to have sex with a group of influential men when she was 17 years old. She noted that among them was Prince Andrew. A member of the British royal family denied contact with Juffre.

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