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Meme: Yoda Kid

The mysterious character from the Star Wars TV series has become the hero of jokes about the problems of children and countless memes.

Frame from the series “Mandalorets”

In social networks, memes with a character from the series “Mandalorets”, which resembles Yoda in infancy, gained popularity. Users are touched by the hero, shift the image to a variety of memes and joke about how the child is ignored by parents.Attention: The material contains spoilers for the series “Mandalorets”.

On November 12, the Disney + streaming service launched the Mandalorets Star Wars spin-off. The series takes place five years after defeating the Empire in the sixth episode “Return of the Jedi.” In the first series, the protagonist, the silent bounty hunter, is tasked with finding and capturing a fifty-year-old representative of another race.

In the ending of the episode, it turns out that the main character was actually hunting for a child belonging to the same race to which Yoda belonged. Representatives of the nameless race feed on frogs and at the age of fifty still can not talk, but already demonstrate the ability to control the Force.

Frame from the series “Mandalorets”

Viewers immediately nicknamed the new hero of the universe as a baby Yoda (Baby Yoda) and began to be touched by the character in social networks.
I can’t believe that one green 50-year-old child was able to unite the whole Star Wars fandom

In the second series, released on November 15, the main character carried a “baby” wrapped in a mantle in a cradle, and he constantly pulled his hands to the bounty hunter. Images from the episode instantly went to memes. Some users presented that the character could talk in the spirit of Yoda, inverting the word order.

I should take a nap

Jedi me. I need a bottle
Are you ready to die for me?

Fifty years old to me. 
I look great

A shot with a hero looking to the side gained popularity on Reddit. The picture was used as a template for jokes about children or animals who are trying to draw attention to their problems from older ones ignoring them.

At six in the morning, I am six years old waiting for my parents to stop talking about divorce so that I can say that I described the bed

Six years old, I wait until mom stops fighting with a neighbor so that I can show the cool lightsaber that she found under her bed

I’m waiting for my father to finish talking on the phone to tell him how I drank three liters of paint
My cat, when I pass the locker where I keep her food
I stubborn look at myself in the video surveillance cameras
When father says he went for milk but packs a suitcase

Seven year old, I’m waiting for my father to stop beating my mom so I can ask for pasta for dinner

There were enough other jokes – the character’s images were transferred to other memes, they remembered old patterns and even put the phrase “ Ok, boomer ” into the baby’s mouth .

He defends / he attacks / but most importantly, he is napping

I look at the ceiling of my bedroom at three in the morning listening to depressing sad emo music

I show all the people I talk to this fifty-year-old baby Yoda

Introverts at school / introverts at home / introverts with friends / introverts on the Internet

“Do or not do. 
You don’t have to try ”/“ Boomer, okay ”/“ Listen here, you small piece of shit ”

My lazy ass reaches for the remote after 32 episodes of the “Office”

“Shoot” / “Mmm, yes, KILL”

My brother / I watch him kill the very boss that I could not defeat / “Haha, yes, die, moron”

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