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Google will allow you to determine the target audience of political advertising only by gender, age and location

The company is tightening the rules for placing such advertisements in order to "strengthen voters' confidence."

Google will tighten the rules for the placement of political advertising, limiting the possibility of targeting such publications. Advertisers will be able to determine the target audience only by gender, age and location. The company told about it in the blog.

Place of residence can be determined accurate to zip code. Advertising can also be targeted to people who are interested in a similar topic.

Given the recent problems and debates about political advertising, as well as the importance of mutual trust in the democratic process, we want to increase voters’ confidence in political advertising.


The company also recalled that it is already publishing information about customers of political advertising and its statistics. In early December, Google will begin to present this data at the level of US states. In addition, the company takes measures to prevent the dissemination of fake election information.

The new rules will take effect within a week in the UK, and early parliamentary elections will be held there in December. Until the end of 2019, the rules will be extended to the EU countries, from January 2020 – to the remaining ones.

At the end of October, Twitter head Jack Dorsey said the company will ban all political advertising on the platform around the world.

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