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“Epstein didn’t kill himself”: the conspiracy theory about the death of a billionaire became popular and turned into a meme

A suspect in the sale of minors to sex slavery was found hanged in a cell. The network believes that his "powerful friends" had a hand in this.

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Briefly about the Epstein case

Jeffrey Epstein is an American billionaire and an influential financier. On July 6, 2019, he was detained and charged with selling minors to sex slavery.According to investigators, the 66-year-old Epstein brought dozens of girls to his homes and paid them for “sexual massage,” which sometimes ended in sex. Some girls were 14-15 years old.

This is not the first time that Epstein has faced accusations .. The same case against the financier was already considered in 2007. Then he went to a deal, pleaded guilty, paid compensation to the victims and spent 13 months in prison. The media called the punishment too lenient, especially considering that Epstein was allowed to work “in a convenient office” for most of the day.

In 2019, the charges became more serious. Among other thingsthe billionaire was charged with organizing an entire structure that involved girls in sexual slavery. In this case, Epstein not only used the services of minors, but also sold them to other people.

The financier faced up to 45 years in prison. Prior to the verdict, he was held in a New York Correctional Facility. Already on July 23, Epstein was found in the cell unconscious and bruised on his neck, indicating an attempted suicide. He was transferred under special supervision, but then, at the request of lawyers, returned to the residential block. On August 10, the day after the indictment in the case was made public, Epstein was found hanged.

Preconditions for conspiracy theory

To the circumstances of the death of Epstein immediately a lot of questions arose .To prevent a repeated suicide attempt, a neighbor was to be placed in the cell to the financier, and the guards had to check him every half hour. None of this was done by August 10th.

Even more – according to The New York Times, Epstein died at a time when two guards assigned to him fell asleep for three hours. Then they faked their reports. The official version after the autopsy says that Epstein committed suicide. But many people doubted this, assuming that the billionaire was “helped.”

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

The main argument is that during his life, Epstein had very influential friends. The financier repeatedly emphasized this: “I do not invest in politics or science, but in people.” Among his friends are Donald Trump, the Clinton family, the British Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and many more “powerful” people.So the theory appeared that Epstein was strangled, and then a suicide was staged so that he would not give out clients of his sex trade network.

According to court records, Epstein could take the girls to a private island where he had a residence. There, according to supporters of the theory of murder, there were orgies of influential people with minors. It is known that Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew traveled with Epstein in his private plane, but there is no evidence that they traveled to the island.

Epstein Residence on a private island Photo by Reuters

The birth of a meme

A meme based on conspiracy theories about the death of Epstein originated on 4chan. Users of imageboards made the phrase “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” (part of the joke on the template “bait-and-switch” (literally “Catch the bait and substitute”). This is a category of memes where a harmless picture or text ends with a blende with the right phrase.

For example, in social networks, it seems like an ordinary picture with a recipe, but at the end a provocative phrase is suddenly substituted. In this case – “Epstein did not kill himself.”

A typical example of a meme: “If you want your house to smell like autumn, cook a few orange skins on medium heat, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and put on medium heat. 
I do this every fall, everyone likes it – and Epstein didn’t kill himself. ”

The city of Holladnd,Michingan, has 168 miles of ubing coilded unerneath its street,circlulating hot water in order to melt any snow on the ground . The billionaire pedophjle,Jeffrey Espstein was murdered to cover up crime against Children committed by politicians.
When i was six i got a lighsaber becuase revenage of the sith came out and my dad and i would have duels .When my brohter wa six,The Clone wasrs were big so he too got a lightsaber and i would duel with youngest brother is now nine and epstein didnot kill himself
The four ghosts in Pac-Man are all programmed to act differently: Red Chases you, PInk tries to postion itself in set way, blue tries to ambush you,Orange is radom and espstein didnot kill him self

At 4chan, serious discussion of the theory arose. For example, an infographic was distributed there, listing the mysterious deaths and disappearances of people associated with the American Clinton dynasty (“Clinton body count”). Epstein fell into the same pattern.

Deaths and disappearances of people associated with the American Clinton dynasty ( 
hirez )

Peak of popularity

Jokes and discussions about the death of Epstein arose in August and gradually came to naught. But in early November, the theme of the suicide of the financier and the participation of his friends in it returned – and became even more popular.

On November 1, the famous American forensic expert Michael Baden, hired by Epstein’s brother, said that the billionaire could have been killed in a prison cell. He noted unusual neck fractures in Epstein – an autopsy revealed a fracture of the thyroid cartilage on the left and right, as well as the horn of the hyoid bone. According to Baden, such damage occurs with pressure (asphyxiation), and not with suicide. Other forensic experts noted that when hanging, you can break the same bones, especially since Epstein was an elderly person.

On November 2, at the end of an interview on Fox, veteran dog service Mike Ritland asked the host to let him make a statement. Ritland began his speech by talking about the features of service dogs, but at the very end, according to all the canons of bait-and-switch jokes, he said: “Epstein did not kill himself.”

The video was distributed on social networks, and the Internet was again captured by memes based on the theory. Now hints of what happened with Epstein were seen everywhere.

Come here! 
The whales are talking again / wow, that’s fine / I’m sure they are talking about something romantic

Decryption EDKH – Be happy every day / Epstein did not kill himself
God I almost leaned on these illusions

I don’t believe that Epstein killed himself

Jeffrey Epstein / Not Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein was killed

The aim of the creators of jokes is not only the irony of conspiracy theories. This is including an attempt to support the discussion of the Epstein case with the help of a simple but effective method – memes. “I think the goal is to prevent Epstein from getting lost in our memory and the memory of the media. Filling memes with everything around us, we can periodically return the case to the modern agenda, ” said one Reddit user.

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