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A French court officially allowed the ducks to quack. Neighbors complained about loud birds

The couple, who moved from the city to the suburbs, demanded 150 euros for each day with noisy geese and ducks.

Dominika Dute and her birds AFP

A court in the French city of Dax ruled that the ducks of the local farmer, Dominique Douthe, could officially continue to quack. Neighbors complained about the birds, dissatisfied with the noise level.

The 67-year-old Duta farm has about 60 ducks and geese, Reuters notes . In 2018, a young couple who previously lived within the city became its neighbors – she demanded either to transport the birds to another place, or to find a way to calm them. As a result, the neighbors sued, demanding 150 euros for each day of noise and 3.5 thousand euros of compensation. The lawyer for the victims claimed that his clients could not sleep with their windows open and “enjoy life outside the city.”

On November 19, a court allowed ducks and geese to continue to make sounds. But this is a temporary measure: in early 2020, the farm will measure the noise level, after which the court will make a final decision. “The ducks won. This is happiness for me, because I would not want to kill my ducks, ”said Dute.

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