The neural network has created the “perfect” Nike commercial, having studied at all promo brands over the past seven years

“Be not just a world. Take it, die. And then live like a runner. ”

Advertising specialist from France Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec created an unofficial Nike video for which he trained the neural network on all advertising slogans and promotional campaigns over the past seven years. There is no video sequence in the work – rather, a motivational speech “in the spirit” of the brand was obtained.

Le Divelets called the result “schizophrenic motivational speech on the verge of confusion.” Moreover, between the “absurd lines” he was able to see the “signs of genius.” The video really shows slogans that the company could theoretically use – for example, “Legend That Thing” (“Make it Legendary”) or “First Marathon” (“First – a Marathon”).

For others, we made it up. Because I was born a believer. If you can defeat it, then make it legendary.

What will you do to achieve your crazy dream? Athletes around the alumni meeting. We are crazy here.

Life is not fair. If you had only one hand, then do not just look at the marathon. First up is the marathon.

I did not believe in just one night. Be not just a world. Take it, die. And then live like a runner. Be the fastest runner in your own way. Because you cannot be a dream. It scares them.

from the commercial of Le Divelets

The creator of the video told The Next Web that he is interested in neural networks that are capable of creating works of art, music and paintings. Therefore, Le Divelets himself wanted to experiment with AI and try to make a commercial. For this task, he chose “the most iconic brand in the world” and studied all the promotions he could find: “Nike is highly regarded in the industry, and I knew that I would find enough information to get an interesting result.”

In 2016, Le Divelets created virtual glasses for beer – a VR helmet that you need to put on a glass to “completely immerse yourself in a drink.” Then he divided the entire film “2001: A Space Odyssey” into gifs, which he posted publicly, challenging copyright. The author also came up with a set of billiard balls in the form of emoji.

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