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Fox Channel Applied for Okay Boomer Trademark Registration for TV Show

That's what Boomer would have done, they decided on social networks.

Fox has applied for the registration of the Okay Boomer trademark and plans to launch a television show of the same name, trademark specialist Joshua Gerben recognized. First it drew attention to CNN.

The phrase “Okay Boomer”, representing skepticism towards the older generation, gained popularity in social networks in late October. With this expression, young people respond to teachings, condescending attitudes or attacks of elders. The phrase was even used by the deputy of the New Zealand Parliament.

Fox applied for November 11th. The channel’s lawyer noted that the company has a “bona fide intention” to launch a TV show called “Okay, Boomer.” Herben said that it will be a comedy, game or reality show.
Fox has applied for the registration of the trademark “Okay Boomer”. 
The media giant filed an application on November 11. 
According to the application, Fox plans to launch a comedy, game, or reality show called Okay Boomer.

In the responses to the tweet, they considered that only boomers are capable of this.

This is such a boomer step.

Hahaha, that’s what a boomer would do

Fox is not the first company to attempt to register a meme as a trademark. On October 31, New Yorker Kevin Yen filed an application with the agency to register a phrase for a clothing brand.

On November 12, the day after Fox, a company from Pittsburgh filed an application for a sticker brand. On November 13, producer William Grundfest asked for a trademark to be registered in his name for the Generation Difference TV show.

Herben noted that the US Patent and Trademark Office is likely to refuse registration, as the phrase has become widespread: “Such a popular expression is unable to identify the source of the product or service.” Fox did not comment on the situation.

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