The owner of the fat cat turned to Aeroflot and asked to transfer the canceled bonus miles to charity

“It seems to me that this will be the correct conclusion to the story of the little cat and the big airline.”

Photos from Instagram by Mikhail Galin

Vladivostok resident Mikhail Galin, who was expelled from the Aeroflot program for transporting the overweight cat Victor by trick, first turned to the company. He urged Aeroflot to transfer the canceled bonus points to the Charity Miles charity project.

The story of Galina and Victor’s cat became viral: they didn’t want to take the cat to the salon because of the advantage, so Michael replaced the pet with another, easier. The passenger told about this in social networks, “Aeroflot” for this deprived him of 370 thousand earned bonus miles. After that, the air carrier was criticized in social networks, and other companies began to offer their services and bonuses to the cat and its owner.

# armored baggage: the Internet and brands defended the fat cat, which the owner drove by cunning “Aeroflot” 

Galin asked everyone who offered him help to also transfer points to Miles of Mercy. So, in his opinion, it will turn out to translate the popularity of history “in the right direction.”

Having received such a resonance, we are simply obliged to direct the wave of popularity in the right direction. Let the story with Victor give rise to a good cause. Many of you suggested transferring your miles on the Aeroflot bonus program to my account.

Unfortunately, the account is blocked, and I want to ask you to transfer these miles to the Charity Miles charity account, which includes the Aeroflot bonus program. I also want to ask Aeroflot to do the same with the bonus points that the company canceled.

Mikhail Galin

owner of cat Victor

” Mercy Miles ” – the project of “Aeroflot”, which allows the company’s clients to transfer your miles to charity funds. “370 thousand miles is a large amount honestly accumulated over 14 years, and I would not want them to disappear without a trace. Let it be our joint decision, since I didn’t do it myself when I had such an opportunity, ”added Galin.

The owner of the cat, Victor, believes that the situation with him and Aeroflot can be ended on a positive note: “This will be the correct conclusion to the story of the little cat and the big airline.” Aeroflot has not yet responded to the offer.

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