Photo: Banksy graffiti in Venice, gone under water due to the largest flood in 50 years

But the painted girl at least has a life jacket.

Photo of Luke Bruno, AP

In November, Venice recorded the most severe flooding since 1966. At its peak, the water level rose to 187 centimeters, flooding almost 50% of the city, including tourist spots. Then the water receded, but the emergency mode is still in effect in Venice.

Instagram Report: Venice’s largest flood in half a centur

Graffiti of the famous street artist Banksy was also affected. At the beginning of 2019, an image of a refugee girl in a life jacket appeared on a wall in Venice, in May the artist confirmed his authorship on Instagram.

The AP photo shows that the painted girl went almost halfway under the water. A local resident shared with CNN a picture where the water almost reaches her shoulders.

CNN Photos

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