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“Joker” was the first ever film with an “adult” rating R, which earned a billion dollars at the box office

It took him a little more than a month.

Todd Phillips’s Joker set a record, becoming the first R-rated movie (for viewers over 17 years old) to raise a billion dollars at the box office. Representatives of Warner Bros. confirmed this information to Entertainment Weekly.

The highest-grossing “adult” film “Joker” was back in late October, ahead of “Deadpool”, “Deadpool 2” and “Matrix: Reboot”. According to Variety, given a fairly modest budget ($ 62.5 million), a movie about the enemy of Batman can be considered one of the most profitable films in history.

For the record, the Joker needed less than a month and a half – it was released on October 4. Before the premiere, movies were called dangerous, in the USA they even strengthened the security at the cinemas, but as a result there were no serious incidents.

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