In Germany, police took away a pickup truck on a tow truck, which blocked the charging station for electric vehicles

The war continues.

Berlin Police Photo

In Germany, a blue Ford parked at the charging station for electric vehicles and blocked access to it. The owner of the Tesla Model S was unable to charge the car and called the police, who promptly evacuated the pickup truck with an internal combustion engine. This was reported by the Berlin police on Twitter.

This is not the first such case: in recent years, owners of cars with internal combustion engines constantly block charging stations. The phenomenon has received the name ICEing ( «freezing”) and distributed in Europe and the United States.

Since charging stations for electric vehicles are often located in parking lots, owners of cars with an internal combustion engine often block them accidentally. However, in some cases this is done on purpose: fans of traditional cars sometimes block charging in entire cities to mock Tesla owners.

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