Bill Gates for the first time in two years topped the ranking of the richest people in the world – he beat Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Recently, Microsoft received a $ 10 billion contract from the Pentagon, ahead of Amazon - this affected the distribution of places in the ranking.

November 15, Bill Gates topped the ranking of billionaires according to Bloomberg – for the first time in two years. The state of Microsoft co-founder was estimated at 110 billion dollars, which helped him bypass Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (109 billion dollars).

CNN noted two factors that could affect the ranking of places. Microsoft shares for 2019 rose 48%, and Amazon’s positions shook after the company’s autumn earnings report.

Also, the Pentagon contract on the creation of a cloud storage infrastructure, which both companies fought for, affected the alignment of forces. On October 26, it turned out that Microsoft received the $ 10 billion contract – Amazon representatives called the solution illogical.

In July, Bezos officially divorced his wife Mackenzie, leaving her $ 38 billion worth of Amazon shares. In the latest Bloomberg report, Mackenzie Bezos is ranked 24th.

Jeff Bezos officially divorced his wife. He left her $ 38 billion worth of Amazon stocks . 

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