Apple will remove 181 vaping related apps. After a report calling vaping a cause of 42 deaths

The company had previously banned the sale of electronic cigarette cartridges in applications, but did not delete other programs.

On November 15, Apple will remove 181 vaping apps from its store. The company will do this after a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where the cause of 42 deaths was called lung disease caused by vaping, Axios writes .

The company had not previously allowed selling cartridges for electronic cigarettes directly from applications, but left programs where it was possible to control the temperature and lighting of devices, read news and communicate in specialized social networks.

We make sure that our app store is a reliable place for customers, especially young people. We constantly evaluate applications and study the latest data to determine the risks to the health and well-being of users.

Apple representatives

Users who already have these applications installed can continue to use them and install them on new devices.

In the United States, almost 200 people received over the summer …It may be time to review a long-standing joke about “95% safer,” but there are questions for the study.

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